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Flourishing Freedom; On Patrol with Ranger EC

Posted by Eric Christianson on Apr 6, 2021 6:17:17 AM

Chapter six: Plant a Seed for New Beginnings


Spring is in the air

There’s nothing quite as energizing as that first sunny 70 degree day after a long winter of frigid temps and grey skies. Heck, I’ll take 65!  The warmer weather, birds chirping, budding trees and blooming flowers drive inspiration for countless new beginnings. And, if you’re anything like me, this time of year marks a renewal on many fronts; a time to celebrate a new season of life and maybe even spark a little motivation to tackle some spring cleaning, pull the trigger on a new hobby or embark on a new home improvement project. 




Dig deeper

If you happened to catch my last post, you know I’m a fan of digging in the dirt -- though in my military days digging a foxhole with an entrenching tool in the hard soil is good exercise, but not too much fun. Well, today I’m here with more good news about what we can gain from the great outdoors. Spoiler alert: a regular dose of nature is not only good for our immune system. In fact, the satisfaction of planting, maintaining, and growing a garden at home that is just as useful as it is beautiful has proven to do great things for our mental health and our freedom.  And shout out to Lola H. who shares this philosophy.


EC garden 3

Starving for freedom

Believe it or not, residential gardening is booming amid the pandemic. It makes sense. People are going back to their roots (pun intended) and growing their own food to provide themselves and their families with essential nutrients at a moment’s notice. So, the overwhelming grocery store aisles combined with people’s increased time spent at home looking for any and all opportunities to get outside and relieve stress, has without a doubt, prompted people to seek refuge in their own backyards. That’s why “mood-boosting” gardens are all the rage. Better & Homes and Gardens reported gardening trends of 2021 and, as a nation, we went from 42 million gardeners to 63 million in the past year, with the majority being males under 35...quite a unique demographic. Now, I’ve been gardening for years - and teaching my kids the same - so I guess you can call me a trendsetter!

The fruits of your labor

The day you harvest the first ripe vegetables of the season from your garden and toss them into a salad on a summer evening makes all the hard work of tilling the soil and digging up endless rocks well worth the struggle. Talk about feeding your freedom! 


Hard work always pays off. And while spring is the perfect time, you don’t need to wait for a new season or even a new day to make a change.  Nutrient Survival can help get you there too.


Plant the seeds to flourish your freedom today.  

Check us out! 

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